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Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 6 June 2012

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Faron Young moved to Nashville when Ken Nelson scheduled his Grand Ole Opry debut for June 14, 1952. Faron sang both songs on his first single, “Tattletale Tears” and “Have I Waited Too Long.” Hank Williams told Faron, “You got what it takes, boy.” Faron later described those words from his hero as, “That was like the Lord speaking to you.” According to Ken Nelson, Faron’s manager, “When Faron came to Nashville for his first performance, his girlfriend Billie Jean, who was an exceedingly beautiful girl, came with him and they checked into the Andrew Jackson, where I was staying. On the night of his performance he called me and said he had to be at the Opry early for rehearsal and asked if I would bring Billie Jean over to the Opry later. Around seven o’clock Billie and I walked to the Ryman Auditorium. I felt a bit awkward conversing with her. In the producer’s booth backstage were Jack Stapp, Hank Williams, and a couple of other people. Hank came out of the booth, stopped us, and said, ‘Hi Ken, how about introducing me to your girlfriend?’ I said, ‘Hank, she’s not my girlfriend; she’s Faron Young’s friend,’ and I introduced them.” Later that evening, so legend goes, Hank insisted he and Faron swap dates. (more…)