Faron Young’s Country Deputies



Front/Lead guitar


Doyle Wilburn (deceased)


Jimmy Fautheree (deceased)




Front/Rhythm guitar


Teddy Wilburn (deceased)


“Johnny” Lynn Fautheree (deceased)




Lead guitar


Pete Wade


Odell Martin (deceased)


Leon “Wahoo” Sutton


Bill “Rip” Wilson


Charlie Murphy (deceased)


Richard Bass Barish




Upright Bass


Tom Pritchard (deceased)






Johnny Paycheck (deceased)


Darrell McCall


Gino King (deceased)


Dave Hall


Pete Street


Ray Emmett


George Owens




Steel Guitar


Joe Vincent


Lloyd Green


Ben Keith


Dicky Overbey


Sonny Burnette


Jerry Merhar


George Edwards


Jimmie Crawford (deceased)


Doug Jernigan


Bobbe Seymour


Skip Jackson


Hank Corwin


Al Lewis


Cal Sharp


Daryl Hornberger


Ron Hogan


Stu Basore






Gordon Terry (deceased)


Tommy Williams


Shorty Lavender (deceased)


Dale Potter (deceased)


Ernie Reed


Joe “Big Red” Hayes (deceased)


Vassar Clements (deceased)


Hank Singer


John Schattenburg


Ron Knuth


Ray Mellas


Kenny Sears


Leon Boulanger (deceased)


Robert Bowlin


Ozzie Ozment






Terry Duncan


Gene Dunlap






Dewey Martin


Roger Miller (deceased)


Jim Isbell


Jerry “Cootie” Wayne Hunley


Glen Davis


Steve Nath (deceased)


Marc Gullen

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  1. Barry Westman Says:

    Faron was my dads favorite,and I believe one of the greatest singers ever of any genre …… I still play his music regularily.

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