1 February 2006

FARON FIFTY-ONE YEARS AGO: On February 6, 1955, Faron headlined two shows at the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis. Package tours usually included local talent as well as the advertised performers, with the headliner closing the show. In Memphis that Sunday the local talent was Elvis Presley and his two-man band. The advertising poster listed Faron’s name at the top, followed by Martha Carson, Ferlin Huskey, and the Wilburn Brothers, Doyle and Teddy. Near the bottom came the announcement, “Plus. Memphis’ own Elvis Presley.” Joe Vincent (Faron’s steel player) remembers being amazed by how much music Elvis and Scotty and Bill could make with basic string instruments. They blew away the crowd, and everyone could see they had something special.

INTERVIEW: Joe Vincent was one of the first Deputies I met. I don’t remember how I got in touch with him, but he came to my hotel for an interview during my third Nashville trip. He brought me Faron’s show program booklet from 1955 and told me to mail it back to him. It was his only copy, and I was thrilled he trusted me with it. Joe got out of the Army in 1953 and was working on an early morning radio program at WLAC in Nashville. Marty Robbins sang there one Saturday morning, and he told Joe, “We need to get you in the union. Meet me down at the union hall about ten o’clock.” When Joe arrived, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs were there joining the union, although Joe didn’t know them at the time. Marty paid Joe’s dues and said. “We’re going to Dallas tonight.” So Joe went home and packed, and Marty picked him up. They worked together for about a year, until Joe joined Faron’s band.

Bob Bien writes, “First of all I would like to let you know that I really enjoy reading your newsletters. This week my favorite part was your story about Ralph Emery. Thanks for sharing it with us. Ralph has always been one of my favorites. I watched him every night on TNN. If I wasn’t home I taped it so I wouldn’t miss it. He has done so much for the artists. I seen a show in Joliet, IL. one year that Ralph hosted. After the show Ralph met with everyone and signed autographs for anybody that wanted one. I’m glad to see him back on the Nashville Show with Steve Hall and Shotgun Red. Keep up the good work and I’ll be looking forward to reading your next newsletter.”

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