10 January 2007

I heard Eddie Stubbs mention the book on his WSM Radio show Monday night. Thanks, Eddie!

FARON YOUNG, FORTY-TWO YEARS AGO: Faron’s photo appeared in The Nashville Tennessean three days in a row in January 1965. The first headline read, “Faron Young Seized in Raid: Country Music Star Charged With Assaulting Police Officer.” Next came, “Singer Sought: Court Orders Young’s Arrest.” The third headline contained the resolution: “Faron Young Pays $75 Fines In Assault, Disorderly Case.” Nashville was a dry town, with only beer sold over the counter, and police raided the Music City Club at 901 16th Avenue South on January 5, 1965, as part of the mayor’s crackdown on mixing bars that sold liquor by the drink. An undercover policeman, posing as a customer looking for a mixed drink, purchased a drink and then arrested the club owner and the bartender. According to the policeman, Faron knocked the scotch and water from his hand, said, “If you want a drink, I’ll give you mine,” and threw his in the policeman’s face. Faron was arrested for assault on an officer and disorderly conduct. He was released upon posting bond, which he thought took care of the fine. But when he failed to appear in court, the judge ordered his arrest. Faron saw his photo in the paper, under the “Singer Sought” caption. “Like I’m goddamned John Dillinger or something,” he said. He surrendered to the police and paid a $75 fine. The bartender and club owner insisted the officer had not purchased a drink, and that Faron had told the bartender, “Give that gentleman a drink from my bottle.” The bartender said he served the plainclothesman from Faron’s bottle. But the bartender was fined $50 for tippling and the club owner $50 for possession of whisky for resale.

Les Leverett writes, “Thanks once again for your newsletter on Faron. I really enjoy it. Here’s hoping 2007 will be a great year for you and yours.”

Jack Therrell says, “thx for keeping us up to date regarding the book. Let me know when and how I can purchase at least one. Faron is still my favorite ballad singer.”

Dick Anderson in Albuquerque, New Mexico, writes, “I’ve been following your Faron Young series in the Doug Davis Country Classics since he started posting them. I always enjoyed Faron and went to many shows. Now that your book is completed (I will be buying one). . . Good luck with our book.”

Constance Utter says, “In the mid 1960’s Marty Robbins, Hank Thompson and Minnie Pearl had a show in Reno, NV. Hank was selling a record and we bought it. After the show, my husband and I went backstage and said Howdy to Minnie Pearl. We were invited into Marty’s dressing room and had a nice conversation with him. Being true blue fans — we asked for his autograph. There wasn’t a slip of paper to be found. You guessed it, Marty signed Hank Thompson’s record. He swore us to secrecy as he laughed, ‘Don’t you ever tell Hank that I signed his record!’ Just wanted to let you know, I’ll be buying your Faron Young book as soon as it becomes available. I love the website you’ve created.”

A Louisianan named Marilyn writes, “Please let me know when your book about Faron Young is published, as I want to buy it. We have loved Faron since the 50’s my husband and me. Thank you so much. I am probably his number 1 fan. Our children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all know about Faron. We live about 90 miles from Shreveport.”

Jean Earle from the UK says, “We have very much enjoyed all of the newsletters, my regret is that we did not receive them from the beginning. Is there a chance that you could repeat some of the earlier ones? I would so much appreciate them and I think that some of your ‘late-arrivers’ would also like to read them.”

Response: I started the newsletter in Oct 2005, and I’ve archived all of them.

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