17 October 2007

FARON YOUNG, THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO: Connie Smith and Faron presented an award at the Country Music Association awards show on October 16, 1972. Connie recalls, “Faron was always razzing me about being a fanatic, and all that, so when we went out on stage to present the award together, I just said, ‘Faron, if you won’t cuss ’em, I won’t bless ’em.'”

I’m back home from a great weekend in Nashville. Eddie Stubbs invited me two years ago to be a guest on his WSM radio show when the book came out. It finally happened, and we had an enjoyable three hours Thursday evening talking about Faron and playing his music. Friday morning I drove to Dickson, Tennessee, for two hours with Chuck Dauphin on WDKN Radio and more Faron music. Friday afternoon Mick Buck gave me a tour of the Marty Robbins exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. That is well done–I was impressed with how so much information could be compacted into a display. The Southern Festival of Books on Saturday was a new experience for me. I’ve attended many book festivals but never as an author. Bob Cox and I presented “From the Hills to the Honky Tonks: Two Country Legends.” He gave a presentation on Fiddlin’ Charlie Bowman, complete with slides and music. Mine was more of an off-the-cuff talk. I gave a few highlights of Faron’s life and his influence in Nashville and then explained how I came to write his biography. That afternoon I met Bobby Braddock, who talked about his book, “Down in Orburndale.” We bought each other’s books and exchanged autographs. Bobby is now working on a book about his Nashville days.

Doug Lippert writes from Indianapolis, Indiana, “I caught you last night on Eddie Stubb’s show, and would like to know if/how I can purchase a copy of your new Faron Young bio, inscribed to me, autographed and dated by you. . . . Thank you for your work to chronicle the true story of one of my favorite country music artists.”

John Morris sends this update from Canada: “I bring tidings of great joy to you. The book is now in Chapters according to the web site so I will be telling everyone about it for sure.” He adds, “I just wanted to write and congratulate you on the wonderful job you did on the Eddie Stubbs show tonight. One minute I’d be laughing the next almost ready to cry. Eddie did a wonderful job just wish I could tell him that.”

Mike O’Neill says, “I ordered your book today, your research on this book and country music is extensive. Ed Stubbs said that this is one of the best written books. I have researched and read all that I can on the Golden Age of Country Music from 1950 to 1980 as a hobby. Now that I am semi retired I am still researching country music.”

Virgie Warren in Flushing, Michigan, says, “I heard you on WSM Thursday with Eddie Stubbs. Good show. I can’t wait to get my book. I ordered it, but haven’t received it yet.”

Loretta Johnson of IFCO in Nashville writes, “Really enjoyed the interview, one on one, that you had with Eddie Stubbs, last night, on WSM am. I was surprised that the book was already in bookstores; although I knew that it was close. . . . Faron was priceless; it’s so sad that he was to the point he was, in his depression, hiding it so well from all who loved him. We pray that he has found peace and forgiveness from the Wonderful Lord. . . . Good luck on the Marty Robbins book, as well.”

Chuck Hill writes from Hopkinsville, Kentucky to say he “really enjoyed the book on Faron. Having been a close friend of Charles ‘Chickin Hawk’ Murphy and Odell Martin. I got to hang out with the Deputies some and go out with them when they worked with out Faron, they could roar. I was lucky to meet Faron at his office at the MCN, he was very nice to me again great book.”

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