25 April 2007

I’m excited to report that today I received an actual copy of the book. These uncorrected proofs are being sent to reviewers. Now I can read the book instead of manuscript pages while doing my proofreading. I have to review it for errors and write the index within the next two weeks. My sister Kayo in South Dakota is helping me with the index.

I’m saddened to report the unexpected death of Glenn Sutton, who has been a friend since Kayo and I met him at Tillman Franks’s birthday celebration in Shreveport. I’m so grateful we visited with him during our recent Nashville trip. Lisa Sutton has set up a Web site for people to post their memories of Glenn:  http://www.songstock.tv/glennsutton/
FARON YOUNG, FORTY-SIX YEARS AGO: Faron sang “Hello Walls” on American Bandstand in Philadelphia on April 25, 1961. The song reached the top of the Billboard country chart on May 8 and stayed there for nine weeks. As a crossover hit, it reached number 12 on Billboard’s Top 40. Faron also appeared on Dick Clark’s show in July 1959 during what a magazine described as “a hand-shaking deejay tour in the east” to promote “I Hear You Talkin'” and “Country Girl.”
Dru Zoch writes from Texas, “‘Sweet Dreams’ is one of my many favorites of Faron’s. A Disc Jockey (Morgan Choate) in Fort Worth used to sign off his program with ‘Sweet Dreams’ and he would always say ‘Dru, this is for you.’ . . . Sounds like you had a great time in Nashville.  Ginny, Nell (deceased) & I have some good memories of the Glasers and also Joe Babcock. Jim should remember us, I am not sure about Joe. . . . I have to agree with Jean Earle, Bill Mack and Glenn Sutton. I remember him so well, when he looked just like that. I join the others, I can’t wait to read the book.”

Virgie Warren asks, “Can we get an autographed book? The cover looks great! Can I put anything in my July newsletter re: the book or a pic of the cover? I assume it will be available at Borders and online?”

Response: I welcome any assistance in spreading the word that the book should be available through all normal distribution channels by early October. We’ll have some sort of kick-off event in Nashville.
Eric Bannister, who is writing about Bud Isaacs, says, “Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that the cover for your book looks great!  I think that will really pop off the shelf.”

Ron Reagan writes, “Interesting snippets as usual……keep up the good work!!!  I’m looking forward to the book and just wanted to thank you for doing your part to keep not only the memory of Faron alive, but bringing traditional country back to the spotlight.”

Dominique “Imperial” ANGLARES sends this from France: “I join the band to tell you how great is the book cover. Not easy to select an artist picture when his career lasted several decades. That’s true for Faron Young, Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash. What pic should be the perfect one to showcase them talent and personality? That’s a big deal. More easy when we deal with country greats like Hank Williams Sr or Johnny Horton who died still young and at the peak of them career. Here you used a wonderful colored picture of Faron with his guitar who set well the man and performer. Easy goin’ and smiling, neat clothed with 50’s striped tie and dark slick combed hairs. That’s how Faron will stay in my memories. Like Bill Mack, can’t wait to have an autographed copy of your wonderful book!”

Tom Lipscombe writes, “I have posted your newsletter on the ATL Forum @ URL: http://pub3.bravenet.com/forum/243824250/fetch/668124/. I think that the book cover looks great! Also, am happy that your Nashville trip went so well, and that you have accumulated so much material for your new book on Marty Robbins.”

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