3 October 2007

FARON YOUNG, FIFTY-TWO YEARS AGO: A Grand Ole Opry package came to the Dade County auditorium in Miami, Florida, on October 4, 1955. Minnie Pearl and Faron Young were two of the performers. Country music was popular in Miami at the time and a huge crowd pushed at one another to get tickets. Gordon Terry and the other Deputies sold pictures of Faron to the audience before the show. One fan remembers being invited to Faron’s dressing room, which was filled with local deejays and musicians and songwriters. Everybody talked about the music business and asked Faron about being in the movies. Faron, with a number one record and two movies completed, probably felt on top of the world that night.
Jean Earle writes from the UK, “I have now finished reading your book. I can appreciate how much work and hours you must have put into your research. Well done. It is a shame that you were restricted with the amount of words that you were allowed to use as I wish you could have included more about Faron’s admirers, i.e his loyal Fans. He was loved and admired in many countries as was shown by the membership of his International Fanclub. Faron started the fanclub in 1981. Faron always supported the Country Music scene in England by appearing at shows here and giving interviews on the radio. One of our top Country groups, the Frank Jennings Syndicate, were very proud when Faron agreed to be their honorary Fanclub President. Faron kept in touch, with lovely hand written letters  which I know Frank and the boys really treasured. I think you have done a grand job with this book and I am now looking forward to seeing how your book on Marty Robbins is progressing.”

Jessica Jacobson, fellow writers’ critique group member and world traveler, says, “I bought your book recently off Amazon and just received it! It looks beautiful! . . . I wasn’t able to check on the availability in Bolivia because new books are pretty tough to find there. There isn’t a big selection of books in English, and a lot of books are just photocopied and sold, rather than sold from the publisher. I think if someone there wanted it, they’d probably be best off ordering it from Amazon or elsewhere online.” Read about Jessica’s travels at http://jjstravels.blogspot.com/.

Jo Hamrick writes from West Virginia, “We just returned Sunday from Nashville. . . . went to E.T’s record store and there was the book. I take back what I first thought about the cover. sorry. it is nice. . . . I am going to be there Nov.10 hopefully to get to visit with the guys. We did go to Hall of Fame. Everyone was plugging a book on Marty Robbins.???? quite a large paperback. I want to get everything done here. so that I can be free  for my next trip to Nashville in Nov.”

Sandy Cooper in Kansas says, “The great comments just keep rolling in, Diane. These letters make me wish I’d known Faron!”

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