Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 13 May 2009



This is a 2008 photo of the same empty lot where the Jack Robinson family lived at the time of the 1930 census. East of downtown Phoenix, at the corner of 17th and East Madison Streets, Jack constructed a shelter consisting of one tent for sleeping quarters and another for the kitchen. The parents slept in the kitchen. Marty’s older sister Lillie described it as “built of Coca Cola signs and any other tin he could find at the city dump. He would gather any lumber he could find, and though it was not of the best it at least protected us from the rain and wind. It was a house of advertising. There were Whistle Soda signs, Delaware Punch, and many other soft drink signs.” Twins Martin and Mamie celebrated their fifth birthday here.


Vera Ross asks, “I was just wanting to know if I missed the May newsletter? Also, do you know how I can get copies of the old newspapers and magazine articles about Faron?”

Response: Here’s the newsletter, Vera. I didn’t realize it had been a month since my last one. It feels more like two weeks. You can check eBay for magazines. You might have to search archives for newspaper articles.

Earl White, one of Marty’s original “Teardrops,” writes, “Thanks for the news letter. It reminds me of the good old days. I don’t remember if I told you in the interview that Marty bought me my first car when I went to work for him in January of 1955. I was able to pay him back when we started doing the Ganaway (country classic) films that same year. I was 18 at the time.”

Paul Kelly writes, “Like your web site on Marty Robbins — good work. How long have you been collecting? I have been doing it for about 32 years. I have an autograph collection and I have about  400 different country music ones and I would like to add one of Marty’s to it over here in Australia.”

Don Powell sends this note: “I wanted to let you know my new shows are up and running. You can tune them in 24/7. Just pull up www.twangtownusa.com. Then click on the numbers. My show ‘Sunday Down South with Don Powell’ is hour # 3 and ‘The Don Powell Show’ is hour # 11. Tune in and give a listen, I know you’ll hear music you will enjoy.”

Response: Thanks, Don. I’m listening while putting together this newsletter.

Eddie Urbanski writes from Piscataway, NJ, “Thanks for all your News Letters, and keep them coming, I enjoy learning more of Faron Young and Marty Robbins. I print out each and every news letter, and I place them in a folder top loader clear, and put them in a note book. I have a place in my library for all my country singers, such as Kitty Wells and Hank Williams Sr., and others. As when I met you at the Virginia Beach squaredance, and I saw the Faron Young book you were selling I did not hesitate, I bought it. So luck and success with your new book Marty Robbins, when you publish it let me know,  I will be the First to purchase it (with your Autograph).

Gordon Brown, founder of the NE Country Music Historical Society in Watertown, Massachusetts, asks, “Is it true that Marty was always last on the Opry? Is it true that he would be winning a race at the Nashville Speedway and drop out so he could make the show? Is it true that he usually caused the ET Midnight Show to start late due to his overtime play on the Opry?

Response: Yes, yes, and yes. These stories will be in the book.

Doug McLeod in Show Low, Arizona, says, “Appreciate the newsletter. Good business decision. I was going to ask you when I wrote last month complimenting you on LFDY how did you decide on Faron as a book idea? There’s an army of us out there and you have certainly marshaled the troops. . . . I heard Robyn sing on the Nashville Country Reunion-Wow! he got part of Faron’s voice too! YouTube Ron has sure pushed LFDY on his YouTube posts. If someone ever does ‘The Faron Young Story,’ he’d be my nominee for the part. I’m trying to get Johnny Western to do a book of his experiences in country music. I suggested he call it ‘The Other Man in Black’ based upon his Palladin and Johnny Cash experiences.”

Thanks to Jon Philbert for emailing me a copy of an excellent review of the new Faron Young CD in the May 2009 issue of Country Music People. Duncan Warwick, the reviewer, appreciates good country music! The 2-for-1 CD is Faron Young: Here’s Faron Young and Occasional Wife. I’ll forward the review to anyone who wants it. For info on the CD, contact sales@huxrecords.com.

South Dakota Honor Flight

South Dakota sent its first Honor Flight to Washington DC last week. My mom was one of the 130 World War II veterans selected for the trip. She’s in this interview:  http://www.keloland.com/videoarchive/index.cfm?VideoFile=050709eye

Speech at Navy Memorial about Navy Greenshirt Book

Here’s the transcription of a speech I gave at the Navy Memorial a month ago:  https://dianediekman.com/?p=364. I can turn a micro-cassette tape into a typed transcript, but I don’t know how to turn it into a podcast to post as audio on my Web site.

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