Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 24 September 2008

On 17 September we remembered the 29 short years of Hank Williams, who was born 85 years ago. On 18 September I celebrated another great year. This Friday, 26 September, we’ll remember Marty Robbins, born in the Arizona desert 83 years ago. Marty’s fans in his hometown of Glendale AZ are having a party in his memory. Check http://www.ashotofjava.com/ for details

My sister and I are headed to Arizona next week to research Martin David Robinson’s youth. “A Shot of Java” on the Marty Robbins Plaza in Glendale is hosting an event 1 October for me from 1-3 PM. I’ll autograph Faron’s book and talk to those who remember Marty Robbins. Then we’ll drive to Willcox to see Rex Allen, Jr., and Johnny Western at Rex Allen Days on Saturday. Here’s the schedule for that: http://rexallendays.org/html/rad_schedule.html

Linda Elliott Clark writes, “I love, love, love Mel Tillis. Went to many of his shows during the 60’s. Would love to have been sitting where you were. My Dad, who has now passed, would take my sister and I to see his shows as well as so many others in the VA-DC area. His songs got to your heart. What can I say about Ray Price. He is a country music classic. His voice is totally different from Mel Tillis, but just a great entertainer. Boy, your newsletters bring back so many memories of that time. Do I ever miss those days!! Thanks for all the hard work you do for country music fans like me. Never stop doing what you do.”

Tom Lipscombe says, “You were indeed fortunate to meet ‘Mr. City Lights’, who is still going strong, at well past eighty. Mel Tillis is also a great traditional Country singer….one of my all-time faves. We have posted your excellent newsletter of the ATL Forum @ URL: http://pub3.bravenet.com/forum/243824250/fetch/756882/

Great news from Wayne Jackson: “We’re so pleased to report that The Memphis Horns® – Wayne Jackson & Andrew Love, will be inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame this October in Nashville!” The Memphis Horns site is http://www.memphishorns.com/Welcome.html.

David Stallings sends a note to say “Texas County Line,” a new weekly television show, may be viewed online at www.TexasCountyLine.tv by clicking View Shows. He says, “Each week’s episode will be added to the website on the Wednesday after it is aired on commercial television stations. All shows from the series will remain on the site for viewing from anywhere in the world. The program, which began airing in a number of markets in July, 2008, features Traditional Country Music and Western Swing from The Lone Star State.”

Ritch Clarke forgives me for writing about only two of his five heroes. He says, “I can’t say I’m not disappointed, you’re a wonderful writer but I totally understand, I am however glad you did the two, bringing so much limelight to Faron Young! Hopefully that will continue to grow as sadly over here in the UK Faron’s records are not sold in shops. I have trouble finding his material. Still I eagerly anticipate your forthcoming book.”

PJ Steelman says, “I always enjoy your letters immensely, including all of the comments from the musicians with which you come in contact. Your Faron bio was just top shelf and I am looking forward to your new book on Marty. I know some folks are making suggestions about a topic on beyond Marty Robbins; here is a suggestion for an incredible book, one on Connie Smith. Connie is still with us and I hope she is for years, but, hers is an amazing story. Again, Diane, thank you for all of the time you put in and the happiness you bring to your readers.”

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