Table of Contents

Navy Greenshirt: A Leader Made, Not Born

Chapter 1 “Captain, United States Navy, Arriving”

Chapter 2 Maintenance Officer School

Chapter 3 The Professionals of VT-23

Chapter 4 Settling In

Chapter 5 So Much to Learn

Chapter 6 Memorable Months

Chapter 7 Pilots, Planes, and Parties

Chapter 8 Hard Lessons

Chapter 9 Beginning Again

Chapter 10 War Eagles

Chapter 11 Moving up in the World

Chapter 12 A Woman in a World of Men

Chapter 13 The Land of Fire and Ice

Chapter 14 Alone in a Crowd

Chapter 15 Farewell to Florida

Chapter 16 New Goals

Chapter 17 Dreams and Adventures

Chapter 18 Life in Norfolk

Chapter 19 Where America’s Day Begins

Chapter 20 Concentrating on Kenny

Chapter 21 Home Again in Jacksonville

Chapter 22 Gone but Not Forgotten

Chapter 23 A Leader and Alone

Chapter 24 More than Aircraft Maintenance

Chapter 25 Writing and Running in Washington D.C.

Chapter 26 One of Gods Little Angels

Chapter 27 Condolences and Congratulations

Chapter 28 The Rising Sun

Chapter 29 Fulfillment



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