13 February 2008

I’ll be selling and signing “Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story” at the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport, Louisiana, on Sunday afternoon, February 24. It’s so exciting to be able to commemorate Faron’s birthday at the home of the Louisiana Hayride. And I’ll get to meet Claude King, because there’s a concert for his 85th birthday from 2:00-4:00. I’d love to meet as many of you as can join us.

Thanks to Ryan Patrick for interviewing me on his Saturday Morning Oldies Show, a classic country show on WOOZ-FM in southern Illinois: www.z100fm.com
Andy Williford, Faron’s boyhood friend, writes, “What a wonderful book and such a masterful piece of writing that captures the life of a very dear friend. A life that only his fans would know and see, however as you well know, the story is far from complete and it would have been a pleasure to sit down and talk with you about one of the most giving and compassionate people I have ever known. Faron was not humble in the presence of anyone except two people and he remained so until his death. Good luck on the Marty Robbins book. I am looking forward to reading it, because of one of the most melodious voices I have ever heard. I know this is not important, but Faron told me one time that Loretta Lynn had the smoothest and most beautiful skin of any woman he had seen in Nashville.”

John Morris writes from Canada, “I sent my Uncle and Aunt in Nova Scotia Canada a copy for Christmas and they loved it. Also I got one for my friend Sonya that helped me with our Faron Young Tributes on Trent Radio and she wanted me to congratulate you on a wonderful book and just wished we could have been with you in Nashville. . . . I am still enjoying your news letters. I will be ordering the new cd next week and can’t wait to get it. . . . Your great book raised $155.00 for the Trent Radio Marathon. . . . Thanks and am reading the book for the third time. I have it on tape now.”

Debra asks from the UK, “Could you ask among the Marty Fans if anyone has ever heard Marty sing ‘the wonder you perform’ please?”

David Stallings says, “Thank you again for Faron’s book. I think about him every day. I thought that I knew him well until I read the book. He was, is and always will be one of my very favorite people and singers. You did a wonderful job!” David is starting a new TV show in July. Go to www.TexasCountyLine.tv and click on “View Sample” to see part of the first show.

Sue Middagh writes, “I have just finished Live Fast, Love Hard (which was sent to me by my best friend who knew Faron in the 60’s) & loved the book. I am eager to read Marty Robbins’ biography. . . . I knew his sister in Douglas, Arizona from 2000 until her death about 4 years later. She had written a short account of part of her life, which I have. Her name was Lillie Nevitt.”

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