30 January 2008

The Deputy reunion on the Midnite Jamboree (November 10, 2007) is now on-line! Check it out at http://ernesttubb.com/mj.htm.

Liz and Casey Anderson sent me their re-release of Faron’s “Are You Hungry? Eat Your Import!” The new 4-song CD, titled “Buy American,” includes three other songs Faron recorded on the same 1982 session. You can order the CD from www.showboatrecords.com.

This is from a music blog that appears on the website of a Seattle weekly paper, “The Stranger”: http://lineout.thestranger.com/2008/01/live_fast_love_hard

Thanks to James McGrath Morris for providing the link (http://thebookreport.net) to Book Report, a weekly AM radio show in Monroe, Louisiana. I was interviewed on the 23 January show that focused on the Louisiana Hayride. Also interviewed was Joey Kent, co-author with Frank Page of “Elvis: The Louisiana Hayride Years, 1954-56.”

Edith Aderhold in Leesburg, Florida, says, “I am about half way through reading your book on Faron Young and enjoying it immensely. I’ve always been a huge fan of Marty Robbins too and will look forward to your book in the future. My main reason for writing is to ask you if you have the book ‘Fast Cars and Country Music’ by Barbara J. Pruett. . . . If you don’t have this book and would like to borrow mine, I will be more than happy to loan it to you. You can return it to me whenever you are finished with it. Well back to my reading about Faron for now. Thanks for the personalized insert for my book.”

Response: Thanks for the kind offer, Edith. I bought her book several years ago.

Bill Lawrence writes from Bend, Oregon, “I was a very, very strong fan of Marty Robbins as well as Faron Young, and not to be forgotten Eddy Arnold was the very cream of them all. I have almost all of MR records as well as Eddy Arnold and many of Faron Young. Eddy is still with us, and the other two boys I hope are singing for the Lord. I have seem them many, many times and never was disappointed in their music or stage programs. In two more months I will be 80 years old. I still play these boys music . . . and am so happy that you brought up Marty. I loved that man dearly. Happy New Year my dear enjoy reading everything you send.”

Ken Ward in Memphis says, “I just finished reading Live Fast, Love Hard and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. The book is so well researched, and you really did a great job of capturing Faron’s many sides. This is a great service to country music, and I’m sure that many fans like myself truly appreciate the effort. I’m a long time fan, and have hosted country shows here on WEVL in Memphis, where Faron is always featured prominently!”

Arie den Dulk says, “I am spell bound by your writing, no kidding. This is a story that grabs you and you devour it. Faron would have been very proud about it. Marty Robbins would be proud about your book about him, too. I reckon all successful performers must have one or more dark sides, I see it in Faron, I saw it in others, Jim Reeves included, too. People close to these artists usually suppress memories about these character sides. It may take a couple of days to finish the book as I can not spend more than 90 minutes per day on it. I’m considered to be a fast reader, but I take it slowly on this one. I did read the entries on Jim Reeves of course. What I read about the Nashville scene so far, was very interesting and informative.”

Ross in Tennessee writes, “I got to see Marty Robbins several times in our (mutual) lives. Altho he was born much sooner than I was. There were two country music entertainment locations within driving distance of the house where I was brought up. I went to see (whoever) every other week at the two places. My personal favorites by Marty Robbins were his albums of ‘Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs’ and ‘More Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs.’ Listening for ‘Big Iron,’ ‘El Paso,’ ‘Billy The Kid,’ ‘Strawberry Roan,’ and so forth was how I kept myself amused in bad weather at home. But one of my favorites was ‘Felina.'”

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