9 May 2007

Great news!!! Lynda Schuh, Sales Manager at University of Illinois Press, wants you to know bookstores are already ordering Live Fast, Love Hard to have it in time for its publication. She says, “While not every single chain store or independent will have a copy on their shelves, they will have it in their systems for ordering and many of them will have store inventory. Books will be available at your local independent bookstore or chain bookstore. If books are not on the shelf [in October] please be sure to ask a sales associate to order a copy for you. The ISBN is 978-0252-03248-6. Any store can pre-order a copy for you.”

FARON YOUNG, FORTY-FIVE YEARS AGO: On May 13, 1962, Faron and the Country Deputies played a show at the Wayne High School in Wayne, Indiana. In addition to headliner Faron, it featured Skeeter Davis, Billy Grammer, and Deputy frontman Darrell McCall. The other Deputies were Ben Keith on steel, Odell Martin on lead guitar, and Cootie Hunley on drums. A photo Virgie Warren took that day will be in Faron’s biography.

Lillies Ohlsson writes from Sweden, “Started the KOUNTRY KORRAL Magazine 1968, still kickin´…have also a new website: LeeSwing88.se. Will welcome a review copy of your book “FARON YOUNG, Live Fast, Love Hard”. We have had several stories re Faron Young in our magazine and I know the Country Music fans will love to read about their favorite singer. Hope to hear from you.”

Tom Kimsey writes, “There is probably not a bigger fan in Florida who is waiting for the book but I must tell you the cover of this book is not what I imagined, it looks like a comic book cover, I was hoping it would be a serious looking non-fiction book, this reminds me of a book that a young star (a teenie bopper) would put out 2 years into the business, not an entertainer of Faron’s magnitude. If I walk by the bookshelf and I am looking for a good biography I wouldn’t give the cover a 2nd chance, his life was serious, let’s pull no punches. Faron lived a good life but it wasn’t a bubble bath, please reconsider, go look at the book shelves, this book is bound for Ernest Tubb’s record shop bio section, please feel free to post this and see if anyone agrees, I know I’m not alone.”

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