Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 12 March 2008

I’ve finished transferring the content from my old Web site to the new one at https://dianediekman.com. You can comment specifically on any blog entry or send an email to diane@dianediekman.com. Thanks to Jeniffer Thompson of Monkey C Media in San Diego for building the site for me. Suggestions from readers are welcome. The blog page has a special category called “Newsletter,” where you can find these newsletters going back to October 2005.

The Friends of Marty Robbins site at http://www.friendsofmartyrobbins.org/ contains information about the tribute being held March 22, 2008, from 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM at the Willcox High School Auditorium in Willcox, Arizona. I wish I could be there!

The first note on my new Web site comes from Joyce, who says, “I’ve never written anyone like this but I loved your book and cried at the end because my nephew was a depressed alcoholic and not only shot himself but his wife as well. We saw Faron in concert and what a showman he was. But Marty was special and we saw him many times. He’d choose someone in the audience to joke with throughout his show and one evening he picked me….a great memory. I’m looking forward to your book on him. Good luck!”

Hennie Beltman writes, “What a pleasant surprise to learn that you will be signing books in Shreveport on Sunday! I hope to be there, for Claude King’s show…he is a dear friend. My late sister and I had a fan club for him back in the 1960’s. I had thought about going to Nashville in November for your bash at the Midnite Jamboree, but was unable to because of illness and I never thought I would have another opportunity to have you sign my book. I did hear you and Darrell on Bill Anderson’s show on XM Radio, and enjoyed that so much. Anyway, I hope to see you in Shreveport.

Response: Hennie, thanks for being there. It was a pleasure to meet you and autograph your book. Thanks for sending me the photo of Faron’s star in the Walk of Fame. I didn’t get a chance to go see it.

Carol Blair writes from Indiana, “Friend in AZ forwarded the latest newsletter that you send out and I would like to be put on the list to receive future ones….thank you. Also, read and enjoyed the biography on the late Faron Young, but was disappointed that more pictures were not included…..I have wonderful pictures of his family in the early days, entertainment pictures, etc. etc. and some of these would have made a lovely addition to your book. Too late now. What other books have you written and looking forward to the Marty Robbins story. Knew him, but not well.”

Everett Corbin says, “My current column is mostly about Faron Young. I briefly mention your book…and want to congratulate you on the fine effort you made in reporting on a most enduring personality. I loved his style; he was country!”

Joni Reed writes from Missouri, “I just finished reading the Faron Young book. I bought the copy for Ernie when it first come out, and one for his boss, Mr. Tillis….and they both enjoyed. it. Other members of his band are reading it as well. I had it sitting here in the living room on the table….and picked it up a couple of days ago. I had read sections of it, but, this time, sat down and read it cover to cover. What a pleasure to have Ernie right next to me……frequently asked him questions about Faron as I read…..was almost like being IN the book for me! Very fast read, too. Anyway, you had me in tears there. Good job, Diane! Hope all is well, and you’re working hard on your new book. Looking forward to it.”

Juanita Buckley, organizer of the Marty Robbins tribute in Willcox, says, “I have letters from Marty written to his fan club president Peggy Ann, letters from his Mother that are going to be on display in the museum. He only had one fan club president. That was Peggy Ann Johnson, she lived not far from Marty when he lived in Glendale and around Peoria, Arizona. She met Marty way before he was famous. She bought tires for someone else’s car that Marty borrowed so he could go to California to perform. The original Marty Robbins (Drifter) Fan club had 50 state Reps and overseas representatives as well.”

Bridget says, “From the early 1950’s to say 57, Faron knew my mom back then and I used to have a number of photos of them but a house fire destroyed what I had in 2002. My mom was very ill for many years and she died in 1982. She was only 51. . . . My Mother’s maiden name was Elizabeth Johanna Kessler, she had several nicknames over the years, a few of those were Jo, Bette, Bette-Jane, & BJ, and a few others she was from Michigan. . . . It’s funny because my mother said nearly the same things about him [as are written in the book]. She also spoke favorable about his Mom, On my charm bracelet that has my charms and now my moms too there is one of a drunk on a pole and that one is Mr. Young, It was funny because I ran across your sight on a whim and I had just cleaned out a drawer and saw that bracelet the day before. Anyway if any of you or any of the Old Sheriff’s boys remember Mom be sure and share my e-mail address with them, I would love to hear from anyone that remembers my mom.”

Richard Bass Barish announces, “Just want to let everyone know that on March 20th I am moving to the Philippines for 6 months to a year or longer. . . . Thanks to the internet it’s really not that far away and I will still be in touch with everyone.”

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