Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 19 March 2008

I’ve been working this past week on the first chapter of Marty’s biography. My three main sources for his childhood are sister Lillie’s unpublished manuscript, the Andrew Means book of Mamie’s memories, and transcripts of Marty visiting with Ralph Emery. I’d love to talk to anyone who knew the Robinson family in the 1920s through 1940s.

Ray Griff writes from Canada, “I’m going to be doing a special program dedicated to my friend Faron on my radio show Sunday, March 23. Tune in to the show if you can as it has quite a following not only locally in Calgary (1060 radio) and locally Edmonton (CFCW radio) but on their Internet stations where it’s listened to around the world.” RAYMOND’S PLACE airs at 10:00 AM Mountain Time on Radio 1060-AM (www.classiccountryam1060.com) and at 9:00 PM Mountain Time on Radio 790 CFCW-AM (www.cfcw.com).

Virgie Warren says, “Your book about Faron is a great tribute to an ‘original.’ I enjoyed it. I still listen to his music. Thanks for using my photo. (That was the first time I had seen Faron in concert in 1962).”

Jo Wenger writes, “I hope you have contacted Marty’s hometown of Glendale Arizona to ask why they ignore this fabulous man and will do nothing to honor him, his music or his memory. . . Looking forward to your book on Marty. I have loved Marty since I was a child and did everything I knew to do to help Juanita with the exhibit while she was here. She is amazing and a devoted fan of Marty. I helped her with the rezoning project so she could open the exhibit here. . . . I want all musicians and fans of Marty to know that his hometown refuses to do a thing to keep his memory alive. It is very frustrating. I live in the downtown area where Marty spent a lot of time hanging around and playing his guitar, I walk down the streets where he walked and I will continue to try to have something done here in his honor. Marty’s fans here are totally perplexed by the city’s refusal to honor him in any way. We all suffered when the Exhibit was forced to close after 3 years, so many of us had put our heart and soul into this project for Marty.”

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  1. Bert Wade Says:

    during the sixties and early seventies we had an agency, booking Nashivlle and Bakersfield Talent. Additionally, I had a band called the Westwinds and fronted mnay of the shows we booked into B.C. Canada. We have special memories of Faron, and the odd story we can’t tell, but we always could count on him being there, doing a super show, and yes, if the venue allowed it would sit on the edge of the stage and ask for requests, songs that were others hits as well as his own. He stayed there and signed autographs. Darrel McCalll was with him on most of the tours, as was Odell Martin. But these guys also played for Ray Price, and so on, as musicians were want to do. It is too bad that Traditional country Music has not seen fit (those are responsible in the business end) for keeping tradition like it should be. After all, You never he\ar of on Opera singer by any other title, there is no such thing as “new Opera”, the Rockers of this world still play to huge crowds, are still considered “rock an roll”. It’s time we got Country back to country and fulfill what George and Alan sang about “Someone Killed Country Music. Yes there are some good singers out there. Most claim people like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Hank Snow, or Hank Williams being their idol. Yet the play and sing nothing like thos stallwarts. There is no one out there sining that can compare to the styles of Hank Snow, Ernest Tubb, and certainly not like George Jones. When you hear an entertainer like Taylor Swift being called, anmd played on the “New Country Stations”, iI just turn off the radio. It is an insult to real country and those that have gone before. I don’t deny her the fame she is getting, but country she isn’t, along with a list of male and female. No longer do they have the respect for dress. Appearing on The Opry is torn jeans and baseball cap. That to us Tradition country Music Fans is an insult, and I don’t know why Pete doesn’t impose a dress code.

    Yes in spite of some of those that have gone that we had the pleasure of touring with did like to drink, drugs was not an issue, and it was not the issue made out to be with Johnny Cash, whom we got to know along with June. Our kids still refer to them as Uncle John and Aunt June. There is so much more we can talk about when it comes to Faron, Ray Price, or even buck Owens. Space does not permit it here. We also should write a book, and I for one enjoyed reading about Faron as I learned things I didn’t know, yet there are those stories we also know from our touring days with him.

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