16 November 2005

A university press is currently reviewing the book manuscript. Publication is still a year or so away.

I did a live radio interview with Joe Bielinski on the “McGraw Motors Sunday Conversations” portion of Joe’s KFWR show in Fort Worth this past Sunday afternoon. We talked about Faron’s personality and how I got into the business of researching and writing Faron’s life. We also agreed it would be a great idea to have a Fort Worth book release party. (That would come after the Nashville release party.)

FARON FIFTY-THREE YEARS AGO: November 16, 1952, was Faron’s Army induction date. When asked whether he was drafted or joined voluntarily, he told an interviewer, “You damned right I was drafted. I didn’t join nuthin’. They had to come get me. You notice one of my arms is longer than the other one? They pulled it.” Although he was not happy to leave Nashville just as he started making a name for himself, the Army turned out to be a good deal. Not many PFCs get their own radio show and touring band. PFC Faron Young and the Circle “A” Wranglers contributed to the Army recruiting effort with a weekly radio show and concerts throughout the Southeast. (The symbol of the Third Army at Fort McPherson in Atlanta was an A inside a circle.) Faron went from private to private first class (PFC) to corporal to sergeant during his two years in the Army. He also met and married Hilda Macon.

FARON FIFTY-ONE YEARS AGO: On November 16, 1954, the day after Faron’s discharge, a “Faron Young Day” was held in Atlanta, Georgia, with a parade to honor Faron. Along with the appearance of city and state officials, General Bolling–the Third Army commander–presented Faron with the Army Commendation Medal. Faron appeared on several radio stations throughout the day in Atlanta, and the Wilburn Brothers came to town to costar with him on a show that evening.

LETTERS: Betty Smith writes from Toledo, Ohio, that she and her husband and daughter were friends with Faron for many years. She says, “We had a lot of good times and saw Faron at his best and his worst and we love and miss him so very much. It left a hole in our hearts when we lost him.” Her daughter always called Faron “Uncle Faron” and told people he was her uncle. When she posed with Faron for a photo after she grew up, he told her, “I can remember when Uncle Faron was taller than you.”

WEB SITE: Those of you who listen to the Satellite Cowboy on XM Satellite Radio channel 171 might occasionally hear snippets of the interview Bill Mack and I did about Faron. Bill and Faron were friends, and Bill was the first person to invite me to Fort Worth to publicize the book when it comes out. Bill has an information-filled website at http://billmackcountry.com/.

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