28 November 2007

FARON YOUNG, TWENTY-SIX YEARS AGO: At the end of November 1981, Faron was a guest on Ralph Emery’s WSM radio show. Ralph asked about the origin of his name, and Faron replied, “I don’t have no idea. I used to say it was a Biblical name, and it’s not. Because I had several people who know the Bible inside out and they wrote me a letter, and said your name is not in the Bible. There’s some pharaohs and things in it, but there’s not a Faron. My great-grandmother named me, but I really don’t know–unless it’s just something that come off the top of her head and she said let’s call him Faron. My band’s always kiddin’ me, says we know you have to have a middle name. I remember one night goin’ down the road, with about four bottles of V-O, we was havin’ a good time. I said boys, all these years you were wantin’ to know my middle name. I’m gonna tell you if you promise not to laugh. They said what? I said it’s Henry. They just fell out all over the bus. They called me Henry from then on. But I really don’t have one.”

Skip Jackson says, “Thank you for bringing The Deputies together under Faron’s umbrella over the past few years. I do hope all the time, work and money you have spent was worth the effort. The work you did on it was great. ”

Jean Earle checks in from England to say, “I was so pleased to read that you had all enjoyed the reunion of the Deputies. What a great meeting that must have been. It is a shame that you did not get any photographs as that will probably be the last chance to see and hear them all together……I hope somebody else had their camera with them that evening!!!……and were able to capture everything, for those of us who could not make the date but were with you in spirit.”

Tom Andrews of the Ernest Tubb Record Shop writes, “In reference to the Faron Young tribute on the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree November 10th. The shows are recorded and posted in the archives on ernesttubb.com. Just go to ernesttubb.com and click on midnite jamboree and scroll down. It takes a few weeks before it will be there so just check back often.”

Bob Bien adds, “The show with the Deputies on November 10th was great. It was great to hear you introduce them. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t be there, so I listened online.”

Art Rankin says, “I just talked to my friend Ron Rankin who attended the activities in Nashville. . . . He also enjoyed renewing his acquaintances with the former band members. Ron told me that your description of Faron in the book is exactly how he remembers him. A credit to a factual presentation vs. sugar coating or blasting his life. You didn’t mention it in your response about recording the activities but all of the Midnight Jamborees are recorded and posted about a month later. . . . I missed the original as I didn’t have my computer link available that night.”

Fred Vail of Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc. in Nashville writes, “Saw this segment in Jerry’s e-mail to you and it brought back some great memories of growing up in Northern California in the 40’s/50’s/early 60’s. I can remember the radio ads for the Dream Bowl word for word and it’s been 50 years–give or take a few: ‘Come on down to the Dream Bowl Ballroom, located 10 north of Vallejo on the Napa-Vallejo Highway!’ I saw Freddy Hart, Tommy Duncan and Gordon Terry there about 1958-59, if I recall. It was at least twelve years before Freddy hit the big time with ‘Easy Lovin.” Mare Island Naval Shipyard–between Richmond and Vallejo–was a massive employer during WW 2 and the Dream Bowl featured big bands during that era.”

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