30 May 2007

FARON YOUNG, TWENTY-TWO YEARS AGO:  Faron and his Country Deputies did a Memorial Day concert in Wells Bridge, New York, on Sunday, May 26, 1985. When someone requested Hello Walls, Faron said, “We already did Hello Walls. You were in the restroom when we did Hello Walls. Didn’t you hear us when you was in the restroom?  We could hear you, when you was in there.” He introduced his lead guitar player by saying, “Here’s a boy from Brooklyn. Brooklyn, New York. Richard Barrish right there, ladies and gentleman. You’re supposed to smile, Richard, dammit. My little teddy bear.” And then, “A lot of people carry guys around with ’em, and just play fiddle and cut up and everything, but this boy right here is one hell of a country singer. I want you to hear his very unique voice. He’s outstandin’ in his field. After you hear him sing, he won’t be standin’ in no damn field. His folks sent him to musical school. They spent over $3000 havin’ his voice cultivated. Then they spent two more bits and had it fertilized. But he’s one hell of a singer. You’ll see right now. Mr. Ozzie Osment, ladies and gentlemen. Make him welcome.” The next introduction was, “Here’s a guy from Notre Dame, Indiana, Mr. Cal Sharp, that good-lookin’ booger over on the steel guitar over there.”

Berna Woodard asks, “When the book comes out, how do I go about getting an autographed copy of it? I can hardly wait to get it.”

Ernest L Margheim writes from Canon City, Colorado, “I am age 85 and used to play and sing in a dance band and had an early morning radio program as a cowboy singer/yodeler  in my younger years when we still had LIVE RADIO. I was part of the early morning FARM HOUR gang at KVGB, Great Bend, KS. Faron’s songs were HOT STUFF and part of our show.  I am so proud of you for undertaking such a LABOR INTENSIVE Chore. You make a lot of people happy. Keep up the good work.  I had previously ordered and received your books of growing up and the Navy times. HANG IN THERE, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU. Faron Young was a very unique personality and talent. I would be grateful if you could let me know how I go about placing my order for the book. Is there a possibility that we can obtain an autographed copy?

Response: We haven’t set up a tour schedule yet, or a system for ordering autographed books. I appreciate your interest, and I’ll discuss autographs with the publicity staff.

WEB SITE: I registered Marty Robbins in the Navy Log for the United States Navy Memorial. Check it out at: http://tinyurl.com/39ncc7.

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