31 January 2007

FARON YOUNG, THIRTY-SIX YEARS AGO: On January 28, 1971, Faron and his Country Deputies entertained a group of 200 cardiac physicians at a Baptist Hospital symposium on “The Practicing Physician and Intensive Coronary Care.” The event took place at Nashville’s King of the Road Motor Inn and was reported in The Tennessean by Jack Hurst. Faron told his audience, “I was a little doubtful when I learned I was supposed to come up here this evening, because doctors aren’t supposed to be real crazy about hillbilly music. I mean, you all are supposed to like Tchaikovsky and Chopin or Choppin’ or whatever his name is.” But he didn’t have to fulfill his threat of having a heart attack to get their attention. The show included his usual imitations of Hank Snow, Dean Martin, and Eddy Arnold, as well as a demonstration of a pop singer. Faron ended with, “Well, it’s been wonderful bein’ here tonight with you. We owe it all to the Fellow Upstairs that put it all together–and you fellows here that keep mendin’ it all up.”

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CMT.com has a great selection of message boards for various artists at http://www.cmt.com/interact/boards/. Because the boards get cleaned off periodically, there are sometimes no comments about Marty Robbins or Faron.

One of the reasons I’m so proud of Faron’s book is that I received a continuous flow of feedback to help me improve its quality. I’d like to thank the members of The Internet Writing Workshop and recommend this critique group to anyone who wants to be a better writer: http://www.internetwritingworkshop.org/. The IWW operates through moderated email lists, with administrators watching over the lists to ensure respectful responses. Members receive critiques to their submissions in return for critiquing the work of others. It’s a great way to improve your skills and your stories/articles.

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