Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 25 February 2009

Faron Young was born 77 years ago today in a little two bedroom rental house in Shreveport, Louisiana. His sister Dorothy remembered standing out in front and telling people who came by, “We got a new baby brother.” She told me, “All the kids in the neighborhood liked to come over and play with the baby. I remember Mama used to put him in a big wicker chair out front there on nice days, and cover him with–put pillows all behind there. Our job was to watch him. Of course, all the kids in the neighborhood came over to play with him.” In 2000, my sister and I searched for Faron’s birthplace, 1217 Hoadley. I knew the family had moved around the corner to 2023 Seymour shortly after Faron’s birth. We found the 1200 block of Hoadley, which intersected with Seymour. The area was an overgrown empty lot butted up against an interstate overpass. We were thrilled to find the number 2023 on a tall pole holding up an interstate billboard. It felt like evidence I was destined to write this book. The last thing we did before heading to the airport was drive down Highway 49 so we could find the sign from the freeway.

I posted my telephone interview with Don McCauley on The Authors Show to my Web site at https://dianediekman.com/?page_id=7. It’s there permanently.

A note from Jean and Alan Earle in the UK: “Feb 25th…..another sad day without that country gentleman and his wonderful voice…’happy birthday Faron.’….”

T. J. Litafik in Grand Rapids, Michigan, says, “I purchased and read your book on Faron over a year or so ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it…it is one the best country singer biographies I have ever read. I was looking at some old clips on YouTube and found of Faron from the Ronnie Prophet Show where he was sporting a 70’s mod outfit AND an earring!!  Was he just goofing off for that show or did he go through a phase where he was trying to be hip? It always appeared he preferred the country gentleman look by performing in a suit and tie. He had such a voice and a swagger, but such a sad ending. I think he is one of the underrated giants of country music. I keep waiting on some new country artist to cover some of Faron’s songs, especially ‘Wine Me Up,’ which I think is one of the great country tunes.”

Andy Williford writes, “The audio is a great idea. I think you should interview, this time, his inner-circle of close friends who could shed a lot of light on his early life. Faron’s growing up was quite a story and should put into perspective his later years of ‘good times.’ Incidentally, Faron’s idol growing up just had both legs amputated above the knees. His name is Rogers Hampton, Mr. Shreveport they called him. He was all-state in three sports and all-American in football. He was voted Ark-La-Tex athlete of the century over such people as Terry Bradshaw. He was just inducted into the Ark-La-Tex hall of fame wall of champions at the Shreveport convention center. All of us attended. He was Faron’s hero then and until Faron’s death.”

Bill Littleton wants us to know the February edition of TheBridgeWorks is up, linked from http://unclewillamsplace.com.

Buddy Rogers recalls his days in the Marty Robbins band: “Marty used to love to catch us off guard, usually in front of groups of people in a public place, so that lots of others could enjoy seeing him ‘get to us.’ For instance, when we stopped for lunch in Mobile, at a busy, touristy, casual seafood place, Marty pulled this one: The band members sat at different tables, in groups of two or four. As we all finished eating at about the same time, and started toward the front door, Marty stayed behind us, near our abandoned tables, and yelled loudly, ‘Hey, you guys didn’t leave any tips!’ WELL, ALL THE OTHER DINERS LOOKED AT US LIKE WE WERE THE BIGGEST CHEAPSKATES IN THE WORLD! Of course we had left tips! We always left tips. But, he got us again! We loved that guy!”

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