Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 7 March 2012


Saturday, March 31– 12:30 at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. I will talk about and read from Twentieth Century Drifter. Joe Babcock is organizing music by several of Marty’s band members. Jim Glaser and Ronny Robbins are expected to be there. The show will be followed by a book signing at 2:00.

Wednesday, March 28 — I will be a guest on the Eddie Stubbs show on WSM Radio at 8:00 PM.

Saturday, March 17 — 1:00 PM at A SHOT OF JAVA on Marty Robbins Plaza at 7003 N 58th Avenue in Glendale, Arizona. I will talk about and read from Twentieth Century Drifter. The event includes live music and a book signing.

Alice Mackenzie reports, “I got my copy of Marty’s book yesterday. I stayed up all night reading it. You did a grand job. Give yourself a big pat on the back, and thanks for writing about Marty. There are many country singers, but, Marty was the best.”

Damian Johnstone in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, says, “I’m so thrilled that you have written that biography Diane. I have it on order. I’m really looking forward to reading it. I loved your Faron Young bio. I will always remember seeing Marty live on stage in Melbourne, Australia, in 1977. He put on an unbelievable show then stayed behind backstage signing autographs and posing for photos (and having fun with us fans while he did so) for two hours after the show. He only left when the last autograph had been signed and the last photo had been taken. As you well know, it’s little wonder then that he had a legion of fans all over the world. We will never see his like again!”

Edith Aderhold writes, “I am very much a fan of your newsletter; enjoyed your Faron Young book immensely & am looking forward to your Marty Robbins book. The one on Faron is autographed by you. That meant a lot to me because you worked so hard doing all your research, etc. Please autograph the Marty book. I am so anxious to order and get mine.”

Maheen Wickramasinghe in Canada says, “What a joy to be writing you after such a long, long time. I certainly hope you are keeping well and I’m excited about your Marty Robbins book. As you know, like John, I am blind and I wonder whether you plan to put Marty’s book in audio? That will be so exciting. I love your newsletters.”

Michael Lazorko of WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh sends this note: “I had to write you personally, after spotting you on the Quonset Hut Facebook page. I too, loved the Faron Young book you wrote a few years ago, and also enjoyed your appearance on Bill Anderson’s old XM show promoting it. Great work about a great star, and I applaud you for such an effort. I recall I read it in one sitting, it was so good! I might add that I have the Robbins book on order. I’m sure Ill enjoy it as much.” He adds, “Since I first wrote you, I did get the Marty Robbins book, and as I expected, it was great! One last thing….I read where you had considered writing a biography of Carl Smith, but shelved the idea. I hope you might reconsider. There is so very little information on his life, that I would welcome such a book! Perhaps there might not be a market for such an endeavor, but I’d like to believe there are enough of us interested in the history of country music that such a book is needed on his life.”

Kathy Baucom Baker writes from Kansas, “Just received my book in the mail. I was happy that you used so many of my photos. Can’t wait to read it, I’ll let you know when I’m done.” She adds, “Finished the book Saturday morning. KUDOS Diane! I really enjoyed it – you did an amazing job!”

Tom Barton writes from Texas, “One of the greatest joys in growing up was listening to Marty on the Opry. I so wish I had had a tape recorder going a lot of nights — he would just whip into whatever song was on his mind and just do it so effortlessly. If you have heard the commercial CD with alternative takes from the Opry, I was amazed at that version of ‘Ribbon of Darkness.’ I was listening the night he sang that the first time, and one of my friends and I talked about it at school on Monday — we were both just awestruck. Then, to hear it again on CD a few years ago was almost overwhelming. Like so many others, I grew to believe that Marty was bigger than life — and then he died. He had been a pal and hero during my growing up years and I was devastated to think there would be no more of him. That was truly the day the music died for me. Thanks again for your hard work on the biography. I think you have made a lot of fans very happy.”

Mona Vanek says, “Neat newsletter, Diane. My book should arrive any day. I’m so excited! Art’s looking forward to reading it, too. We may have to flip a coin.”

Doris Pape writes, “Good update, Diane. Keep up the good work about two of the great stars of country music. Marty always seemed to enjoy whatever he was doing, maybe twisting up the lyrics of a song he was singing or making some of the funny faces he was so good at, or telling us when he was going to get to the falsetto part of the song. ‘Here it comes, here it comes,’ he would tell us. He was such a delightful entertainer. One time my friend and I were at his show in Huntsville, AL, and we followed his bus to the motel where we saw Don Winters out by the pool and asked him where Marty was. Pretty soon that sweet man came out to talk to us and I told him I sure would like a kiss….guess what! I got it. He really was a good person as well as a great entertainer. When he died, it was like a loss in the family. So sad, so young.”

Catherine Hiscox in England says, “Read Live Fast. Wow what a great book. Just got computer and been watching the great Faron on You tube! He had such a great talent and you were privileged to meet him. I have most of his CDs. I just love Hank Williams and Faron Young. God bless you.”

Maurice Bowers says, “I see John Morris from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, is asking about the 8 album set on 4 Cds. They are available on Amazon.co.uk imported from Moviemars USA in the States.”

Andy Williford, one of Faron’s boyhood friends, recalls, “Wow does that picture bring back memories. I was born at 83rd St and Linwood Ave. I think I told you that our science teacher in high school took me, our head cheerleader and Faron to the principal’s office for misbehaving in class and during the lecture the principal looked at the head cheerleader and said, ‘Bobby, you are supposed to be setting an example, Andy you are too bright a kid to not apply yourself to your studies, and Faron, the way you are going, you will not amount to anything.’  Faron later drove to the school in his new blue Cadillac and went in to visit with the principal. I laugh every time I think about that day. Happy birthday, my good friend.”

Ron Knuth and Ernie Reed provided twin fiddles with Faron’s Country Deputies in 1974; Ron gave his notice to Faron the same day Dicky Overbey gave notice to his boss that they were going to play for Hank Williams Jr. Ron says Faron didn’t like that. On Pop Goes the Country that day, Faron announced he was letting one of his fiddle players go, due to budget reasons. Ron’s email to me last week says, “Here is a pic of Faron back in the 70s. Don’t keep in touch with any of the Deputys from that time. I hope they’re all doing well. I am still in Texas and still playing some dates with Johnny Bush and Darrell McCall. So hello to all the guys see you somewhere down the road.”

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