Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 9 April 2008

I’ll be participating in the 10th annual Southern Kentucky Book Fest on Saturday, 19 April, at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green. I’m on the panel titled “Tradition, Legends, Troubadours: Music of the American South,” and will be reading an excerpt from Faron’s biography. There will also be autograph sessions and book sales. The Web site is www.sokybookfest.org.

Ray Emmett writes, “I remember when Ray Griff had an office in Faron’s building and he wrote one of my favorite Faron songs, ‘Step Aside.'”

Tom Lipscombe says, “We have posted your excellent newsletter on the ATL Forum @ http://pub3.bravenet.com/forum/243824250/fetch/722503/. It’s indeed very sad that Marty’s hometown of Glendale, Arizona seems to be ignoring him….but, then again, that’s nothing new, when we remember Luke 4:24 ‘Truly I tell you, no prophet is recognized in his own country.'”

Bill Yarbor writes, “I eagerly anticipate your book on Marty Robbins. I feel that he is often overlooked these days simply due to the passage of time I guess. But he was an amazing, very gifted singer, songwriter and a very charismatic personality. I think his versatility as a singer has not been equaled. One only has to listen to his rockabilly or Hawaiian albums to appreciate and understand that. But to get a real fix on how good this guy was, a listen to the classic 1962 album Marty After Midnight will illustrate what a great singer he was and how he was a decade and a half ahead of Willie Nelson in terms of a concept album saluting pop standards. His country recordings speak for themselves, and a listen to an early Merle Haggard ballad will show the influence that Marty had on even the great ones. Good luck with the book. I would think that the stuff from Ralph Emery’s interviews would be like hitting the mother lode. I can remember listening to many of those interviews on late night early morning WSM radio.”

Ed Urbanski in Piscataway, New Jersey, says, “Thanks so much for the monthly newsletter, I love to hear all the remarks of Faron Young, and Marty Robbins, I still can hear Marty singing [This time you gave me a mountain,] . . . I bought your book on Faron Young, and I finished it and loved it. It was great work, thanks for taking the time to gather all the information and put it in a book. Now I will be waiting for Marty Robbins. I know a lot of him but it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and you will follow up and get down to real facts. . . . So keep the Newsletter coming.”

Carol Blair says, “I have known Faron for many years, around 30 yrs. and I have 2 of his ties that he gave me about 25 yrs. ago. Both are made by Nudie of California. One is black and the other is pink, which he autographed. Would anyone know what the value of these 2 ties could be? I have proof that they were his….a picture of me wearing the black and he the pink. So, write me direct at Hummingbirdchick@aol.com and put Faron in the subject line.”

Sheila Morgan writes, “Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the book you wrote about Faron. I wish someday there could be a movie about his life. I listen to his music every day.”

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