Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 9 September 2008

In the past two weeks I’ve found four more Marty Robbins band members. All were with the band when Marty died. Larry Hunt, bass player, had a stroke a year ago. I interviewed pianist Jim Hannaford of Nashville and the rhythm-guitar-playing-harmony-singing pair of friends from Ohio, Gary Adams and Mike Cutright. Thanks to Lynn Davey and Jim Smith for putting me in touch with them.

My sister and I will soon be in Phoenix to research Martin David Robinson’s youth. “A Shot of Java” on the Marty Robbins Plaza in Glendale is hosting an event October 1st for me to autograph Faron’s book and talk to those who remember Marty Robbins. I’m sorry to miss the earlier celebration of Marty’s birthday on Friday evening, September 26. Check http://www.ashotofjava.com/ for details. We’ll also be attending Rex Allen Days the weekend of October 3-5 in Willcox AZ. Here’s the schedule for that: http://rexallendays.org/html/rad_schedule.html

Red Moore asks, “Why would anyone want to be removed from your newsletter???”

Eddie Urbanski in New Jersey says, “Keep that e-mail coming, I love to read of Faron, Marty, although I crossed over to Bluegrass music, you can’t beat the old classic artists of country music. . . . I bought your book and you autographed it, I read it through and learned a lot of Faron.”

Ken Campanile writes, “In 1958, Faron made a pilot for a proposed western series called ‘The Young Sheriff’ about a young man who followed in his slain father’s footsteps. The pilot wasn’t picked up by any of the networks. I am wondering if that pilot episode has seen the light of day in the past 50 years? That would be a cool episode to have for Faron Young fans/collectors.”

Dave Rich writes from Kentucky, “Thanks for the thing you put in your newsletter; it was nice made me feel good. I’m crazy about anyone that loves Marty and Faron. Have some wonderful memories of them. If you have time go to http://daverichmusic.com. Faron was a friend of mine beginning in 1955 on through the years. Odell Martin was my first fiddle player. I found him in Cliffy KY about 20 miles from my hometown Central City KY.”

Robert Billings says, “I still enjoy your newsletter and I do hope your book about Faron gets made into a movie someday. I did watch the reunion on the Internet but the picture was small and quality was not great. I also wanted to thank you for posting the pictures of the reunion. Hope to hear from you and still hope to meet you someday.”

Daniel Avery says, “I am very appreciative of you hard work and dedication toward completing the definitive biography of Faron Young. Thank you! Note: On page 56 and 220 you name a Tommy Williams. I think you mean Tommy Jackson. Maybe a typo here? Tommy Jackson was the master of the fiddle! I eagerly await your book on Marty Robbins. Thanks again!”

Response: I didn’t meet Tommy Williams, because he’d moved to Florida, but we talked on the phone. He sometimes filled in as Deputy in the 1950s, playing guitar or fiddle. Tommy Jackson worked with Faron but not for him.

Tom Barton in Arlington, Texas, writes, “Quite by accident, I ran across your site this morning — and I cannot tell you how pleased I am that someone is writing a biography of Marty Robbins! First off, I have to dispute Johnny Bush’s contention that he was Marty’s #1 fan, because I was 😉 Seriously, if you have ever read through Kristy’s Marty Robbins Page (http://www.martyrobbins.net/home.htm), there are many who claim to have been his #1 fan. People loved Marty Robbins, and he loved them right back. I was a 12 year old the first time I saw him in person. After the show, he stayed and signed autographs and visited with people. I proudly told him that I had 5 of his albums. He looked at me and grinned, then said, ‘Thank you very much!’ I was just SO impressed that this important man could take time to sign autographs and thank a 12 year old for having some of his albums.”

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  1. shirley harrison Says:

    What ever happened to Bill Martinez?

  2. Kenny Clark Says:

    Larry Hunt did have a stroke and lost the use of his right arm, but believe it or not he is playing bass with one hand with “The Nashville Rash”. He is truly one of the best. for sure,Kenny Clark

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