15 August 2007

FARON YOUNG, FIFTY YEARS AGO: On August 13, 1957, Faron├é┬árecorded two sides of a single that attempted to catch the teen market, “Vacation’s Over” and “Honey Stop!” He sang both songs when he hosted the Army recruiting television show, Country Style, U.S.A. Dressed in suit and tie, he looked like a businessman with a guitar. The ba-boom background vocals of the Southlander Quartet almost drowned out his voice. Neither song charted on Billboard. He tried again with “Snowball” and “The Locket.” Those didn’t chart either. Faron once told Ralph Emery, “Back in the rock ‘n roll days, when they first came in, and Elvis hit, and they had Fabian and all these guys come along, we were tryin’ to sing, do anything to get a hit record. Boy, I cut some of the worst-soundin’ stuff.” His career would be rejuvenated a few months later with “Alone With You.”

George Owens, former Country Deputy frontman and current road manager for Vince Gill writes, “We’re all still in tears over his induction [in the Country Music Hall of Fame]. I talked with him last night and he’s still floating. We’re all soooooooo proud to be associated with him. I think the world should know how proud Vince is and how proud we all are with being associated with such a human being and very emotional man.”

Jo Hamrick says, “I am so happy to see once in awhile letters from Faron’s former band members, and.especially Ernie Reed, best fiddle player around, actually the first member of the band that we met. We spent part of an afternoon with Ernie at Deemons den.”

Gene Dunlap, former Country Deputy keyboard player, writes, “Congratulations on getting this much awaited book on Faron finished and out. I can’t wait to get one.”

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