Faron Young and Marty Robbins newsletter — 27 April 2011

Update on publication of Twentieth Century Drifter: The Life of Marty Robbins: I should be receiving the copyedited manuscript in June, with several weeks to go over that to agree/disagree with the copyeditor’s changes and to make any other changes I want. The next time I’ll see it will be in September, in page format. Then I’ll prepare the index and make minor corrections.


In April 1987 Faron debuted a new song, “Twin Fiddles Turn Me On,” on the Nashville Now television show. Ralph Emery, the host, said, “Let’s talk about the song you were just doing. Plug that.” Faron replied, “I just recorded that. We’re going to release this in Canada. Just in Canada, alone. I found a place to put a record out up there, with a new label, that my ex-wife can’t get part of the money.” Whatever happened with that release, I don’t know. The song was included on his last album of new songs, Here’s To You, produced by Ray Pennington on Step One Records in mid-1988.


Annette Salmi in Phoenix, Arizona, has a request: “I met you when you came to phx az to get information to put in your book about Marty. My mom and I was friends with Marty and his family. You came to see me at my condo. I’m trying to sell my Marty Robbins 78 records due to financial distress. I was wondering if you knew anyone who may be interested. Marty’s mother gave them to my mother. Marty sent them all to his mom. I believe I have 22. I want them to go to a true Marty fan.” If anyone is interested in these historic 78s, contact Annette at annette12256@yahoo.com.

David Corne writes from the UK, “I received the new Marty Robbins Spotlight series from the States today. I’ve had the series on ‘unofficial’ video before where the sound and vision left a lot to be desired, so it’s nice to see this particular series in pristine color and sound. It was sad to see Marty looking unwell in some of them, but he was still worth watching and listening to. I’m hoping that there will be further releases from this series in the future as I know for a fact there’s plenty more shows (at least 12) that can be released.”

Bobbe Seymour in Nashville says, “God bless you sweet girl for your wonderful work on these two great buddies of mine, I loved and respected them both, through thick and thin. I don’t know why you do this but I end up saying good things about them myself.”

Noel Clarke writes from Australia, “I just finished reading your retirement speech which I enjoyed very much. Just from reading that speech makes me feel like I know you. You seem to be one hell-of-a-woman and that I can assure you is meant as a compliment of the highest order. I have built a number of website over the past 14 years 2 of which are about Marty Robbins who is an all time favorite of mine. The first site was built for a lady from Indiana. Her name is Helen Shields, though I never met her in person I spoke to her a couple of time by telephone and exchanged many emails. The website is http://www.martyrobbins.250x.com. The other one built for myself and has a lot less information is http://www.martyrobbins2003.250x.com A friend here in Australia sent me your email with your April 6 newsletter for which I am very grateful. His name is Colin Alderson and comes from Adelaide area in South Australia. Colin has sent me many items of the Great man Marty I guess Col would have the best collection of Marty recordings in Australia. He has also spent time with Marty’s twin sister Mamie.”

Jody Nix sends this note from Big Spring, Texas: “Great reading. It is always good. You are great at this and you know I am one of the biggest fans Marty and Faron ever had……I would like for you to tune in to my radio show Sunday Night at 7 pm at www.kbygradio.com. I am kicking off the show with Singin’ The Blues……you will have to download winamp and then click to listen and it should load for you. I am playing Traditional Country and Western Swing.”


Jody Nix sent me his latest CD, Twin Fiddles Turn Me On,, and I’ve listened to it over and over and over. I especially keep repeating “She’s Killin’ Me” for the great western swing and “Angel Judy” for the great steel guitar. Actually, all twelve songs are great. You can find it at http://www.jodynix.com.


Richard Barish, who used the stage name of Richard Bass, joined Faron Young’s Country Deputies in late 1972 and stayed with the band until Faron stopped touring in 1993. He attended my 2005 Deputy reunion, and he played at the book release/band reunion on the Midnite Jamboree in November 2007. Shortly thereafter, he moved to the Philippines so he could party in high style. Richard lives in Sabang, Mindoro Oriental, and stays in touch with his old world via Facebook.

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